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RBT-1 instrukcija

- This Flight controller adopts 32 Digits ARM CPU and latest sensor with Independent research and development software, ensuring stable and reliable flight in a simple setting suface.
– The board contains high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with compact structure and size.
– With stable and balance function without any additional board.
– Multi-function: can be connect with ultrasonic, pressure meter,tri-axis magnetic sensor,GPS,thus to reliaze Fixed Hight,Fixed Direction, and self- lift-and- down function.
– 8 Channel remote input and 8 Channel motor/servo output.
– Support aerial photography and PTZ Self-Balance.Output mode can be set by user.
– With USB interface, Upgrades PC and adjusts parameters without Expansion Board.
– Provides PC upgrade tools and improve program according to majority users requirements .
- With care free function
– 32 digits 50 MHZ CPU
– Support 140g mini quadcopter.
– with  high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer with compact structure and size
– 8 CH recieve channel, can set Auxiliary switch channels and  PTZ control channel except 4 Rocker channel.
– 8 channel 16 digits output channel,can set 50Hz~500Hz analog/didital servo or non- standard ESC singal.
– Supports mix-control: GIMBAL,BI,TRI,QUADP,QUADX,Y4,Y6,HEX6,HEX6X,OCTOX8,OCTOFLATP,OCTOFLATX,FLYING_WING,FIEXD WIND mode and so on. can be add other mode according to users requirement.
– Provides PC upgrade tools and improve program , convienent for users to set parameter,and download the newest program.
– Supports quad-axis, hex-axis,eight-axis quadcopter( can not connect to PTZ as all the pins used to connect motor)
– 8 LED singal to indicate various mode, convinient to set parameters anytime even for a tiny adjustment. Can connect color LED strip, makes magnificant and unique night flight.
– supports 4S battery Voltage test, avoid overdischarge.
– provide alarm port,facilitate users to set low power alarm, the warning tone will be more pressing as the power lower and lower.
– with ultrasonic port, makes fixed hight function range 2 meters, perfect performance especially for the ground grading.
– with equipment selfcheck function, make sure safty flight . with sound and light signal in the selfcheck procedures.
– with high precision tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer,facilitate users to add functions such as Automatic landing and Fixed-point return.(just buy additional board and download online upgrade software is ok)
– with  Independent research and development software, can improve or add new functions as user’s requirements.
– Optinal output mode: Default ESC output 330MHZ.47HZ servo output, Servo/ESC output option:50Hz(20ms);100Hz(10ms);270Hz(3.6ms);330Hz(3ms);500Hz(2ms Special ESC);2KHz PWM(Special ESC)
- Alarm Voltage setting:3.4V~3.7V
– Gyroscope: +-2000dps,16 digits resolution ratio, responding time:1000HZ
– Accelerometer: -8G,14 digits resolution ratio, responding time:800Hz
– Input Voltage:4~6V (provides by ESC)
– Board Szize:5.5mmX5.5mm
– Weight:20g
– Working Temperature:-40~+85

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